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The pattern is painfully familiar. A gunman slaughters innocents in a school, a workplace, a church, a mall. Opposing sides take up the usual positions, blaming the other for not accepting common sense solutions or deriding the other side’s solutions as lacking common sense. We await the funerals, the shedding of tears, the moments of silence and retreat back to our corners once the dead are buried. We secretly hope the discussion will reside, because deep down we know the

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The election of Donald Trump has wrought great tragedy within America. Some of it was entirely predictable, some of it disappointing but not wholly surprising.  Tragic nonetheless.

Since Trump’s shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, we have seen the slow dissolution and dismantling of at least two of America’s most powerful and important institutions.

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It happens every time we participate in a parade or convoy: Hundreds of people along the route, waving at the vehicles as they pass. It happened again yesterday in a charity toy run as several hundred Harley’s and Jeeps followed a slow circuitous route around the city.  From sidewalks and front porches, they smiled and waved as the procession passed, many

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