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Capitalism Vs Collectivism

Free market capitalism is not a political ideology. It’s a practical belief that an economy thrives when a free market, via the laws of supply and demand, is allowed to set prices and wages, not government intervention. Adherents of free market capitalism believe that excessive government interference in free markets chokes investment, innovation and economic opportunity.

Leftist redistributive policies are driven purely by ideological, not economic, beliefs. Redistributive policies do not take economic benefit into account, substituting an idealized vision of fairness for growth and wealth creation. In the perfect redistributive world, the size of the economic pie is less important than that the pie is evenly shared throughout society. Hence Obama’s statement, “I think when you spread the wealth around its good for everybody.” Hence eight years of economic stagnation, increased poverty and growing government dependence.

No matter one’s personal view of Donald Trump, it would take willful blindness not to see that he is in the process of unleashing the U.S. economy, which has been strangled for nearly a decade by leftist do-gooders who viewed the world’s largest economy as vehicle for social experimentation. The greatest fear the left has now is that Trump’s policies will actually work and as GDP growth climbs past 4%, 5% and 6% they will grow increasingly desperate to shut it all down. The success of free markets over redistribution is a direct threat to an ideology that requires stagnation and dependence in order to take root.

Right now the roots of collectivism are being ripped from the national soil while the opponents of economic freedom who worship at the altar of a managed economy pray for America to fail.

Thank God he won.

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