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The election of Donald Trump has wrought great tragedy within America. Some of it was entirely predictable, some of it disappointing but not wholly surprising.  Tragic nonetheless.

Since Trump’s shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, we have seen the slow dissolution and dismantling of at least two of America’s most powerful and important institutions. The simple existence of Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th president has led to the discreditation of these vital safeguards of democracy, putting in jeopardy the very foundations of our Constitution and system of justice.  Surely, none of this would have happened had Hillary been victorious.

A Hillary victory, while certainly dispiriting to conservatives, would have ensured an orderly transition of power and a seamless continuation of the status quo. Our political disagreements would have remained focused on policy differences, not collusion or treason or impeachment.  While distasteful to many, under Hillary life would simply have gone on as usual.

Enter Trump.

The Fourth Estate has often been called the Watchdog of Democracy. Throughout our history, the media – first newspapers, then radio, television and now the Internet – has acted to keep corruption in check, exposing the seamy underbelly of government actions and the nefarious dealings of shady politicians.  It has never been a perfect arrangement, but it was better than a press acting solely at the behest of the government it was supposed to be watching.  While the public always maintained a healthy skepticism of potential media bias, that skepticism often forced the media to attempt to achieve at least a modicum of credibility.

With the election of Donald Trump, the vast majority of the mainstream media in America has abandoned any pretense of objectivity.  In a relentless and coordinated campaign to destroy the fledgling Trump presidency, American media has instead destroyed its own credibility.  That’s a tragedy, and hopefully one that can eventually be remedied.  Perhaps when this current generation of hyper-partisan hacks has departed the scene draped in the disgrace they so richly reserve, we can once again resurrect an impartial and unbiased press.

The Department of Justice should be just that – a department of justice.  Not a Department of Vengeance, not a Department of Retribution, not a Department of Obstruction, but agency of government that truly seeks to dispense justice.  While justice is an imperfect concept that mankind has sought to achieve since dawn of man, America has always, through fits and starts, sought to attain genuine justice.  One of the most revered institutions in America for most of the last century has been the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Today, because of the election of Donald Trump, the reputation of the FBI has been shredded through an industrial shredder.  As we have learned in recent months, the FBI was actually engaged in plotting to alter the outcome of a presidential election, something we can be reasonably certain would never have crossed the mind of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.  Who could ever trust the FBI again?

So there we have it, the tragic destruction of two essential and venerable American institutions, all because Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Let us hope that, over the course of the next seven years, we witness many more such tragedies and, from the ruins of what remains of a corrupt and cancerous establishment, we rebuild America into what it was once intended to be.


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