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We live in a perilous age. Political and cultural tribalism threaten to render America ungovernable.  The culture of the nation is undergoing vast and profound change.  In such times it is incumbent upon the people to make their voices heard, to advise elected officials on the will of the people and, when necessary, dissent when government goes astray.

America’s Founding Fathers wisely understood that human rights are innate, that government cannot grant rights to its citizens.  Instead, citizens grant government certain powers to perform basic necessary functions, specifically – as enumerated in the Constitution – to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty.  The first ten amendments to the Constitution – otherwise known as the Bill of Rights – are not really rights in the true sense.  They are instead a bill of restrictions on the power of the federal government.


We have drifted far from the original intent of the Founders.  Before we can get back on a corrected course of securing the blessings of liberty, we must reacquaint ourselves with America’s essence.  America is not great because of politicians or political parties.  In fact, politicians and political parties are a hindrance to greatness as people choose sides and develop Pavlovian responses to cynically crafted appeals and talking points.  Minds are closed to facts and emotions rule the day.  Unfortunately for the future of this country, aside from indifference, the dominant emotion today is hate: for the “other side”, for this group or that, for this ethnicity or that one, for opposing points of view.

Advice and Dissent will seek to illuminate and understand the political and cultural forces which are tearing this nation apart.  Can America be saved from a dystopian future?  It can, but we cannot depend upon politicians or their respective political parties.  The salvation of the nation rests only with the American people.  We have to learn to listen.  We have to learn to talk.  We have to rise above the fray.

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