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Donald Trump was not supposed to win the 2016 presidential election, a contest Hillary Clinton was supposed to handily win.  The Obama agenda of fundamental transformation was to continue unimpeded.

It’s important to understand what that transformation was supposed to be and how the shock election of Donald Trump threatens to completely derail it.  Since its founding America’s social and economic structure was dominated by a particular group of people who were identified by a single designation seldom heard any more: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, or WASPs.  100 years ago the population of the United States was 105 million.  95 million of those (90%) were white, mostly of European heritage.  In any host nation, when such a majority of the population is of one ethnic group, that group will naturally determine the social and economic order.

The left in America has always been obsessed with breaking up the power structure that has long been dominant in this country.  Unable to satisfactorily redistribute income through confiscation, they instead set about changing America’s demographics.  Immigration policies in the 1960s reduced arrivals from European countries and put out the welcome mat for immigrants from the third world.  If they couldn’t seize power, they would dilute the existing power base and slowly strangle it.

Barack Obama put this plan on steroids, virtually opening the border and aggressively recruiting immigrants and refugees from Latin America and the Middle East.  By 2010, the white population of America had been reduced to 72%.  It is projected that by 2040, whites will be under 50%.  WASPs, once dominant, will lose the majority and along with it, the social and economic structure they created.  This will all be done in the name of fairness.

Hillary Clinton has no ideology other than greed, so she was an acceptable though not preferred substitute for Obama.  The hardcore leftists in the Democrat Party were enthralled with Bernie Sanders, an unabashed, old-school Communist.  What was not acceptable to the left and those who would profit from cheap immigrant labor was handing over the reins of power to another White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  You don’t get much more WASP than Donald Trump.

This is why Trump must by any means necessary be removed.  He wasn’t part of the script.  The plot to overthrow him began on November 9, 2016.  The whole Russia collusion fantasy, the attempts to entrap him with obstruction of justice, the efforts to delegitimize his election, the media onslaught with charges of mental instability and criminal malfeasance are all part and parcel of a modern day coup-d-etat being carried out by imbedded leftists in the FBI, the media and our intelligence communities.  The transformation which accelerated under Obama must not be impeded.

No matter what you might think about President Trump – love him or hate him – the fact that you are witnessing a high tech coup of a duly elected president should strike you with alarm.  As much as half the country may have disliked the election of Barack Obama and his subsequent ruinous policies, but there was never any serious attempt to remove him from office using extra-legal means.  The continued persecution of President Trump poses a serious and lethal danger to the republic which, if successful, may be one from which we never recover.

Which may be the intent after all.

5 comments On A COUP IN THE MAKING

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  • Great job! This sums it up. We are at the point where defeating the coup is a conservative, tea party, American imperative.

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